Transcript Request

General Information

All financial obligations to the University must be satisfied before a transcript will be released directly to the requesting institution/entity,"An application for an official transcript takes a minimum of ten (10) working days PROVIDED ALL THE RELEVANT AND CORRECT INFORMATION REQUIRED TO FACILITATE THE GENERATION OF THE TRANSCRIPT HAVE BEEN FURNISHEDbut will not be released until the account is paid in full, and the name and full mailing address of the receiving institution have been furnished".

PLEASE NOTE: There is no express service or express service fee for the processing of the transcript request. Requests are processed in the order in which they are received in the Records Office.

Please note that official transcripts which bear the original signature of the University Registrar and the Seal of the university, are sent "institution to institution" , i.e. directly to the receiving institution. Official transcripts are never sent directly to students, regardless of the circumstances. The person requesting the transcript MUST provide the name and the address of the institution to which the transcript is to be sent. Failure to comply with all the requirements will result in the transcript not being prepared and/or released.

For electronic transcripts (eTranscript): (i) please ensure that the receiving institution accepts electronic transcripts before making the request; (ii) be advised that only the receiving institution can retrieve the eTranscript sent to them, and this must be done within seven (7) days; failure to take action within the prescribed time will result in the receiving institution's inability to view or download the transcript. (iii) the notification sent to your email address is for information only and will not allow you to retrieve the transcript.

Please note also that official paper transcripts are sent by registered mail unless otherwise requested for delivery via courier service, which service must be paid for by the requestor.  The NCU Records Office has no way of tracking a transcript sent by registered mail, once the document has left the island of Jamaica.  Therefore if you have deadlines, you might want to consider paying for delivery via courier service, or eTranscripts, if the receiving institution accepts etranscripts. By utilizing the courier service, tracking may be done online from the point of dispatch to delivery destination/recipient.

Unofficial transcripts requested from the Records Office also takes a minimum of ten (10) working days for processing and must also be checked at Student Finance for financial clearance.  Please note, however, that unofficial transcripts do not bear either the Registrar’s signature or the University Seal.

The first transcript requested (one copy only) AFTER GRADUATION is free to the graduate EXCEPT FOR THOSE REQUESTED ONLINE USING A CREDIT CARD.  However, please note that the cost of delivery (by courier) of the free Transcript is borne by the graduate.

Please note that in completing the paper transcript application form, answers are required for each question/area…DO NOT LEAVE ANY BLANKS.  Enter N/A if not applicable.


Transcript TypeDescriptionCost
eTranscriptOrder an official, certified PDF of your transcript for direct electronic delivery to your recipient. USD$16.00
Paper Transcript

Order an official paper copy of your transcript to be couriered  or posted directly to your recipient.

Order an unofficial paper copy of your transcript to be sent to your address or to be picked up at the Records Office on the Mandeville Campus.

USD$20.00 plus shipping cost for courier

Shipping charge is calculated once the destination has been selected.
Paper Transcript - Pickup
No personal collection/pick-up of official transcript by current and former students will be accommodated.”